Can pensioners get a grant for a new boiler? – Government Grants Covid 19 Victoria

No. New boiler grants are only available through the new boilering grant scheme which is currently accepting applications and will be announced in due course.

Can I give my pension to my child to help cover heating costs?

No. The only way to help with fuel bills is to buy gas from a fuel retailer who is licensed and inspected. If you are a pensioner you will also need to pay an assessment fee

Can I use my pension pot to help feed my cat?

No. The grant system gives the lowest-energy customers a financial incentive to use the least energy. While they may not be able to pay for any of their cat’s food needs and care, the grant system also makes it more attractive to reduce your heating bills as your cat eats less! To use your pension pot to feed your cat, first contact your energy supplier to make sure that he or she is not providing energy from a fuel supplier other than that licensed by your energy supplier to feed kitties. You can ask a professional who is trained in environmental sustainability and planning for your kitty. Your supplier will be able to help you answer your questions.

(CNN) Two Russian paratroopers have reportedly been killed in clashes between the Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian separatists near the Ukraine-Russia border.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed the deaths on its Facebook page, saying the two “soldiers were killed during a counter-terrorist raid in Slovyansk region near Slavyansk.”

A spokesman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed Ukrainian troops at the frontline, saying they had used artillery and armored vehicles to bomb and destroy buildings.

“The actions of armed men, who are not part of our military, are unacceptable, since the use of such weapons by a foreign army is a violation of international law as well as international humanitarian law and the relevant norms,” ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said .
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The statement came after Ukraine said that two Russian paratroopers were killed during a counter terrorist raid in the eastern city of Slavyansk.

It also noted that Ukrainian forces “did not enter Slavyansk, where the soldiers were killed.”

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