Can you get a free boiler on universal credit? – Government Grants For Small Business

And how many people will get a free broadband card each year?

In response to a series of questions on the website (which are now closed), Labour’s broadband spokesman, Chuka Umunna, gave some clues that the party wanted the answers before it released its manifesto.

Mr Umunna has not ruled out extending universal credit to pay for broadband if the Tories are re-elected and said that should be part of Labour’s “policy” for public services.

He has, however, said Labour would not support free broadband or a national broadband network being provided by the government, unless it were funded by local authorities.

Under the coalition, private companies have been given the right to get a portion of new broadband roll-outs using local funding, meaning that some local authorities have been left holding the bag if the government doesn’t fund some.
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“I think there’s a whole load of different things Labour would want to see in there, and they need to go through the process and decide whether or not that is something that they would prefer,” said Mr Umunna.

Asked what the answer would be to give a free boiler to every woman in the country, Mr Umunna replied: “The answer is, let them pay for basic broadband. If they’re not getting a proper broadband service through their providers, then let’s provide that.

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