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Bathhouse barge and the other equipment we have to carry out such work do not benefit from the boilers, they only supply electricity which the boilers are needed to generate when the gas is used to cool the water. But in some locations (e.g. the Thames and the River Thames) we have to install the heating of the water to steam as the water would otherwise freeze. Also we supply boiler grants to small businesses for the installation of boilers or pumps.

Is steam boilers still allowed when the river freezes

British Gas do provide boiler grants to businesses for running the steam. The company say that they are not allowed as steam boilers are usually operated at peak times. Also the regulations only apply in London and the West Midlands.

Why does British Gas allow the installation of boiler grant schemes?

The government do not give an indication of where power rates will go once the freeze goes in – the freeze in effect until March next year. They do however say that power rates will increase at least by 25% for homes from 5pm to midnight between now and then. The freeze will also reduce or eliminate the ability of the gas companies to recover the costs of providing electricity as energy bills increase due to the reduced demand for gas.

The government said the freeze was being introduced to “ensure the safety of our customers and safeguard our energy infrastructure”. This is probably true.

The freeze is a relief but I hope they find a better solution to the price of gas.

This story was originally published by The Sun.

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