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In the UK, all gas customers on a contract must have access to a generator. Boilers are often part of the service of the gas, so the customer doesn’t normally pay for the boiler itself. But there are some cases where customers are entitled to a grant of payment. If these cases come up for determination, the courts will look at the contracts and try, as the policy is generally fair. But the case isn’t always straight forward.

Boiler grant cases: the rules are very different in the United States where there is no boiler grant.

What happens to the grant if a customer doesn’t give their boiler to the gas company?
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This is something the customer can often negotiate. A boiler grant covers only the costs the gas company charges to run your gas boilers and doesn’t cover the cost of the electricity fed into it.

In that case, the customer usually should keep the grant if they want to pay off the old, non-renewable, boiler.

What about other costs the customer may pay?

Sometimes a gas company doesn’t offer a boiler grant, but they don’t exclude the costs to gas that it does offer or that customers might otherwise have to incur. These could be things such as the installation and running costs to the gas plant or the fuel used in the boilers.

For the customer who didn’t have a boiler, this should provide a more generous grant of credit.

What about the customer’s liability?

Sometimes customers have to take out insurance policies which can cover the cost of repair and the installation of new heating systems at a later date. However, if a boiler grant isn’t used for all of the costs, the customer doesn’t typically have to pay for them in their contract. And if the customer actually receives a credit from the company for any cost they incurred on a gas heating system, and then wants to reduce their monthly bill by the amount of that credit, then they would have to either repay that credit (or the boiler grant in the case of a boiler grant for only a boilers) or pay out of their own pocket.

Read more about how you can protect yourself from boiler grants:

Boiler grant: which is best for you?

If you’re looking for a boiler grant then you need to check if it’s right for you.

But the main thing to bear in mind is that you could end up paying more due to the costs of the boiler itself and

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