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British Gas provides a range of grants to support renewable and low carbon energy systems.

We operate many small renewable energy projects on behalf of our suppliers, and these projects are often supported by our own private schemes. We operate these schemes under the Low Carbon Power Scheme. These schemes are part of a wide range of other schemes that support a range of low carbon energy projects. There is a separate Low Carbon Scheme for Energy Efficiency which provides support to customers on energy efficiency measures such as efficiency projects or waste-to-gas arrangements.

We also provide financial assistance to energy efficiency projects, such as our Energy Efficiency Service.

The funding level for small renewable energy projects can range from £1,000 for new installations to £35,000 for existing installations. We consider this a fair and reasonable support level for small scale renewable energy projects. When we are considering applying to be a third party payer, this will be disclosed in the application.

We also provide money into a fund for customers on high-quality solar heat systems.

What are my obligations to other suppliers in helping to finance your small renewable energy investment project?

You must disclose payments from other suppliers to your financial and marketing adviser. The financial and marketing adviser may need to take this information into account when assessing the scheme and any related support available, and may charge for this. You should provide the financial and marketing adviser with complete copies of any finance agreements with other suppliers and relevant planning permission before you start.

You should disclose any details about the type of project you are working on and any possible subsidies from other suppliers in your application to be an Energy and Climate Change (Consultancy) third party payer.

You must also disclose any agreements with other third parties relating to the scheme.

You should also disclose if any contracts you have with any other parties have been renewed or renewed but will end in the future.

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Does my electricity use affect my contribution to the cost of the scheme?

No. Only your household or business electricity use directly affects the total amount of money and energy costs you contribute to the scheme, and this is the same regardless of where the electricity you use comes from.

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Are there any circumstances in which the scheme is being offered to an individual member of the public?

We offer a limited number of third party payer schemes to members of the public, as part of the Green Deal . To be eligible, you must be

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