Do I qualify for financial assistance? – Government Grants For Housing Emergency

How will my student loan payments be calculated?

For an initial application, please visit the Financial Assistance Portal. If you are requesting an online-only application with a deadline of Jan. 1, 2014, please follow the instructions to download a PDF form for payment processing. If, on the other hand, you have a completed application for a federal-approved loan from a U.S. school, you will be eligible for a financial scholarship for that school’s undergraduate students that meets the requirements outlined on the website.

What kinds of grants and scholarships are available?

More than 1,100 financial grants and scholarships from the Center for Financial Inclusion, the Student Financial Aid Institute ( SFAI ), the University Financial Aid and Counseling Center (FACFC), and the Center for Undergraduate Admissions Counseling ( CUAC ) are available. Please visit our scholarships and grants index in our catalog.

What happens if I don’t get a scholarship on the first attempt?

The College and Research Network ( CRN ) operates a scholarship service. You may also visit The College and Research Network ( ) operates a scholarship service. You may also visit to find scholarships that are awarded at more than 100 colleges (including the College of Engineering).
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Will my application be considered if I graduate high school?

All undergraduate students should begin making payment plans for loan repayment within six months of beginning classes.

Are there extra requirements for financial assistance programs?

Financial assistance is based on your financial need and the specific requirements of the program you qualify for. Some scholarships and grants will not admit applicants from financially disadvantaged households.

Can I receive financial assistance if I have already graduated from high school?

Financial assistance is not available to high school graduates who will graduate from a community college or four-year university. Additionally, all applicants must pass a background check and must meet the minimum residency requirements for a SFAI scholarship or grant. Please see the financial aid section of our catalog for a list of specific requirements of various financial assistance programs.

A student cannot be eligible for financial assistance if he/she is enrolled in a program of study not open to students with a disability.

What kinds of awards and scholarships are available, and what is included in them?

The Financial Assistance Center offers awards, scholarships, and assistance for undergraduate students who have enrolled in four-year full-time post-secondary programs of study at a University of Texas campus that meet the eligibility

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