Do you have to pay back grant?

No. As of Dec. 1, I no longer have financial support towards anything except the tuition. I have worked hard at saving everything as possible. In fact, I’ve already paid back my undergraduate student loans, so I don’t have to repay any grants. However, this fall I will be working with a few friends to build a foundation to help me finish out my MBA. I’ll be living in my parents’ house for this summer. If anyone would like to help out, feel free to send me a message at [email protected].

I’ve read that you’re also interested in working in politics. Does this interest you as a professor or is it more that you would like to see more people from underrepresented groups in politics?

As it is, I definitely would like to make a more conscious effort. However, my interest in politics has been growing and growing from a young age. As a kid, I saw two black men on the street, I would ask them if they were going to the mall, and they would say they weren’t. At a young age, I felt bad for these kids and was very angry that they didn’t know what they were doing, or that this isn’t how you do things. I have always wanted to learn from people other than myself, so I try my hardest to try to help out.

How does your work and your work history intersect? What does it feel like being part of a group that makes change without being represented?

I’m really grateful. I feel so fortunate. I’m just incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a privileged family with two parents who love me, who are incredibly supportive to me as a person, who are extremely passionate about politics. I would say the most fulfilling thing and the most important part of this whole thing that hasn’t changed is the friendships I’ve made.

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I think having a lot of different types of friends has been absolutely wonderful, because I’ve really focused on just having a lot of friends in politics that don’t think about it like a career. I’ve never really thought about that as being in some way a privilege and that I will be the only person in my community of students trying to do this because I’m a male. I mean, why would I be thinking about that? If they all did this, then they all probably don’t do it because they feel like they shouldn’t. But I think a lot of these friends who do this do it because it’s not really in