How can I get a free grant without paying it back? – U.S. Government Grants For Individuals

All applications will be evaluated on their merit and not based on an assumption that the student/grant recipient is a student/grant recipient and may not be a reasonable match. We prefer that applicants include:

• an academic transcript showing the most recent graduating grade

• one of their parent(s)/guardians signature,

• proof of admission/invitation to interview,

• transcripts of 2-4 coursework of your choice as documented by the University.

• a statement explaining why you feel the academic credentials and other circumstances match the grant recipient.

Please note that students/grants are only eligible if they have an offer letter or letter of acceptance from the grant recipient. This application must be signed by their parent(s)/guardian or they will not be eligible. Additionally, any changes in financial circumstances/schedule (including, but not limited to, financial aid, grad school, etc.) will be considered for review. Applicants will be given the opportunity to change their application to reflect a new academic experience.

The University does not accept outside money from outside sources

Are students/grants to apply to this program?

Yes. Students/grants are not accepted into this program if they:

• Have a current graduate or doctoral degree

• Have not applied for another undergraduate program within the university

• Are applying to another graduate or doctoral degree program

• Don’t have a significant financial aid package to cover their costs of attending the University

• Are not already enrolled in another program of higher education

Where can I start applying?

For the first time we are opening up our application process and will be accepting applications online. You need to be logged into the application portal to apply at If you have any questions please contact us at or call us at 410-539-4910.

Where can I apply for other TU scholarships?

We will review applications from the general community as well as applicants based on the following criteria:

• Application deadline: mid December

• Applicant pool: undergraduate applicants

• Tuition: $39,850

• Financial need: $2,500 with any financial aid package

• English proficiency: English is not a requirement of eligibility

To apply, please visit http://www.taucar

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