How can I get free money for college? – Free Money To Start A Small Business

You can do a great number of things to help with the cost of college for students.

Here’s how you can help:

Apply for free federal and state financial aid. This includes aid to pay for tuition and fees (tuition, fees, and books are free for most students).
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These are some other forms of aid you can apply:

You can also help get more students into college by donating to a student loan fund or giving gifts of your own.

You’ll get your government money back. There are a few states that provide grants to students that help pay for school, with some states giving back money to the schools that they originally awarded the grant towards. Find out more about student loan grants, grants, and other forms of assistance on

Find out more about student loan relief. While student loans are generally paid back by taxpayers, there are several ways to get relief. Visit for more information.

Read our most recent college affordability roundup — a list of the college affordability factors most important to you — and find out how a college degree can significantly decrease the annual cost of college for you and your family.

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