How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Usa Grant Applications Login

Application for a free boiler grant is an important part of a building’s heating and cooling strategy. The main aim for a boiler grant is to create an energy efficiency improvement in the heating and cooling systems. If the applicant is interested in applying a new boiler system design and can provide a detailed business plan, then it can be used for boiler purchase and installation. This type of boiler grant is useful if the owner/builder in question will be buying or installing a new heating and cooling system with some initial work.


Budgeting is also a key issue when considering a boiler system purchase or a boiler grant. It’s a significant part of the installation of a new boiler and it’s key to take a number of variables into account when making a financial assessment. These include the price range that the new boiler will use, the number of times you’ll be needing the boiler, the potential for maintenance during usage, the time for installation, the number of times it may be necessary to replace the piping and the cost of energy-saving improvements.

To give you an idea of how to budget before entering a building with one of our local building inspection providers and our boiler grant advisers, check out our How to Budget and Find your Heat & Cooling Contract page.

We’d like to thank our boiler grant advisers for sharing their knowledge and expert advice for making this guide possible.

Bucket List

Check out our Bucket List page for ideas on heating and cooling equipment that you may want to look into.

How do I find an installation company to install a new heating and cooling system?

Finding installing companies can be a huge headache, especially when there are no installation companies to check. We’ve written advice articles on how we’ve been able to identify a boiler grant contractor and check their rating here.

Budgeting and the HVAC/HEAT (Hydro) scheme

If you use the HVAC/HEAT scheme, the energy saving features on these systems can make a massive difference. We don’t currently offer information on how to budget as part of using the HVAC/HEAT scheme.

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