How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Www Govermentgrants

To apply for a free boiler grant, complete the Request for Free Boiler Grant (Form 14B-T, click here) and make sure to answer all of the questions related to the criteria for this grant. You will also have to pay a application processing fee of $20 if you qualify for a free boiler grant.

If you have questions about the boiler grant process, please contact the Water and Sanitation Department’s Regional Boiler Grant program office on (919) 489-7000.

Do I have to pay for a water heater during the application process if I meet the eligibility criteria?

No. Once you are approved to receive a boiler grant, a $12 application fee, plus the $10 fees for a water heater and related products, will be added to your monthly water bill.

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How long will it take to receive my boiler grant once an application is submitted?

We are currently processing a few applications per week. Your application will be available for review and selection once your boiler grant application is approved and your application fee is paid. You will receive a confirmation email with your approval or rejection number as soon as the application is complete. If your application is approved, we will notify you directly via email within the next 24 hours of notification.

What are my responsibilities if I have additional questions?

Any other questions you have regarding the Application and Free Boiler Grant programs, you can email: Please do not reply to questions that you do not have an immediate need for. Thank you for your cooperation!

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