How do I apply for Pell Grant 2020? – Financial Help For Families In Need

The University of California application includes a list of recommended essays for each grade level, which can be found on the UC application website, or on the web with the UC Office of the Registrar. Students must include the following essay questions according to the grade level and essay topic.

Grade Level: 2-10 (English/Spanish) 3-9 (English/French) 4-8 (Science) 5-7 (Art) 6-5 (Biology/Physics) 7-4 (Math) 8-3 (Physics)

Essay Topic: Explain to your teacher why you should write an “Essay Review” essay. For example, tell a teacher why you should explain how you feel the “Essay Review” essay will be used in school.

All other essays:

Essay Subject (optional): Explain your interests, talents and motivation to a teacher or college adviser in a way that they will find interesting/useful/interesting; or

Essay Summary: Explain your strengths and weaknesses to a teacher or adviser in a way that they will find helpful/useful, to be used in a quiz.

How much does it cost to apply?

The application fee is $55 for non-UCSB students, $95 for students enrolled in UC and $99 for students enrolled at other schools. See U.S. News College Compass for estimated costs and more information.

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How will my application be reviewed?

For students accepted to UC, all applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

Questions? Contact the Office of Enrollment Services.

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