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As a general matter, many people get free government money by having their government pay for the government services they need. They may get subsidized loans, or maybe some free health services from Medicaid. Whatever the case, that is the case for every American. There isn’t a requirement that anyone must get these government benefits, but they do need government.

Do I need to be part of a political party? If I don’t belong to a political party, why should I vote, and how can I vote?

Yes, you do. It’s called the franchise. Every American is a citizen because they are a member of a political party that was created specifically to represent these citizens. In most cases, the party in which the person was born or naturalized is the one that will most likely represent the person in office. This doesn’t mean, however, that every political party has to represent the same kind of people. Some of the most important seats in Congress are occupied by independents and members who are not part of the party hierarchy. When you enter the voting booth, you may not even be aware that you are voting, so be aware of what is at stake. You will need to be familiar with the policies of both of your political parties. If you don’t know the candidates, don’t waste any time voting.

How can I become a member of a political party?

You can. However, don’t join one if you don’t want to. You often get more of the issues covered, if a party does a good job representing your interests. Also, a voter is much more likely to vote against a politician if the candidate representing the party represents him or her well.
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Can I be paid by a specific political party? Is it a bad thing?

A political party can pay your taxes, run candidates in elections to the legislature, or pay for campaigns of candidates for office. It does so because it seeks to promote the ideals of its political party. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, paying the taxes to a political party pays for that party’s activities and provides them with the resources necessary to carry those ideals forward.

If I get elected and a candidate is not running for my party’s nomination, can my name even count toward a party slate?

The only candidates who may be chosen for primary elections within your party’s slate are those who you are a member of as a current member or if you are a new member, but not a current

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