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There is no such thing as “free government money”. When we give money to governments, we are not actually giving them money. In the U.S., there is no such thing as “free government money”. For instance, if we give them our income, if they then spend it on stuff the government wants… it’s “free money”. But there is “free government money” because we are all citizens… and as such, “free government money” goes to all peoples’ benefit. That is, if we give money to our government, then it’s supposed to go to ALL people who could benefit from such a gift.

The only money that we know of has a specific use; that use being to buy goods and pay taxes. Some uses are “economic” and some are “political” (i.e. not political at all).

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We don’t know the exact use of money (e.g. whether it goes to the political or the economic) because we don’t know anyone else who could possibly benefit from using such money. Money, as a commodity, is like any good, and is the primary source of value for all economic activity. Since people must work to get by, some businesses can get away with paying a small portion of their profits to government. This is one reason government can be said to be a “private” organization. If you’re going to create such a system and then spend all of the money you make to enrich yourself and your buddies, it’s not the “natural” way to go about things.

And let’s not even go into taxes!

How do I know why government sucks?

Here’s how. By watching your friends and family who support and approve of this government (and who will have none of your negative feelings). By watching any commercial that portrays this government. By reading any opinion piece you may get published about this government, and watching any online news source that portrays this government negatively. By listening to any politician who is currently in office. By following any news program or talk show on radio, TV, or internet. By watching any “think-tank” that claims government is necessary. By purchasing anything that comes with government-provided “government guarantees” (i.e. “free money” for you!). And most of all, by reading and understanding every word from the media.

The media’s agenda is always to portray the government as “good” and to portray you and me as stupid people who don

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