How do I get free money to start a business? – State Government Grant Covid 19 Vic

First, you have to be able to show a business plan. Then you make an advertisement offering a low price for a business plan in your area and then show it to people in your community and ask them to join your group to go work for you, and ask them to pay for the business plan. This is the method they use most of the time.

Do you have your own business? What makes you think you can sell to someone else for less than you would for yourself?

If you get enough people to do that, what you have is a network of people who like your business, who would otherwise find you expensive.

How do you know you have enough people in your area?

Look at the area. The local newspaper, the magazine, the magazine about your target market, and the people you find are all part of that.

How do you find people to sell to you?

Look around. You will find some who do it for a living and say, “Yes.” Some say, “I know someone who loves the idea and is willing to pay more.”

People who are self-employed, and some who are in the government who want to find something to offer are often willing to pay more, even for lower wages. That’s why they find work for others with the same goal.

I was at a party in California, and there were a few people who were selling stuff. We asked what they were doing. They looked at us and said, “Well, my neighbor is a doctor, so I could just charge him more money every month.”

I guess the point of this whole thing is the following, that one person’s money is another’s chance at building business for themselves, and for others. If one person is paid to sell goods or services for others, those to whom one pays more will find more customers for all their things or products.

But the most important point in all the foregoing is this:

What you do for a living is nothing but getting a good amount of work out of others. A living does not belong to a man, but to another. The money you get for living is not a gift from God but the reward of good works.

I don’t mean that to suggest that you should be selfish as if you were “the God of the soil” — we are no slaves to the soil. We have the ability to do anything we work hard for. In other words,

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