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The key is finding the best people. To that end, the U.M. Program in Nonprofits takes about 50 people on field trips to the Bay Area, and then matches them with a grant — usually $25,000 — from a private foundation or organization that would otherwise provide that sort of grant. Many of them have already been awarded grants and have applied for others; others have not been awarded grants but have applied for grants. This can take a long time; sometimes the U of M is in negotiations with a nonprofit that is interested in receiving a grant.

How do people qualify for these grants and how does each grant work?

The two main criteria for grants are how much the nonprofit needs to do in particular areas, and how useful the work would be. There is a lot of overlap among the grants. Typically, the grant covers expenses like overhead costs and travel for those that attend the conferences. Other costs that may be covered include advertising and sponsorship, in addition to other costs.

How do the grants get allocated?

The grant recipient — in this case, the nonprofit — creates a detailed grant request through a website called A committee determines which grants are in the best of the group’s proposals, and then the committee distributes the grants among the other grantees.

What happens after the grants are assigned?

The recipient receives a report in which every single grant has been given to someone. (In other words, it’s like buying a lottery ticket — every single person’s ticket has been bought.)

The recipients of grants are generally required, as a condition of receiving the grant, to agree to follow some requirements about financial management and other topics, generally as a condition of funding.

I don’t have questions about a specific grant. What should I do next?

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If you have questions about the grant system, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at or call the NU program at (502) 527-9277.

What are U.M. grants?

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