How do you write a grant? – Victorian Government Covid 19 Small Business Grants

How do you write a grant proposal? I would say basically this. You know, I really, really, really like to make sure I’m thinking long term. I’m thinking of a project that I’m planning for the future. And I’m thinking about the process to make sure that I’ve taken the right steps so that I make sure that I get the best possible outcome. So I really, really like to think well, “How should I deal with this?” So there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself during that phase. Some questions will be obvious, so no one will have to ask you those questions. But there are other questions that are tough because you don’t know what the right steps or the right decision will be. Sometimes you can go the wrong way and you shouldn’t have. But you do have to ask yourself, “How much should I be looking for?” How much more should I do than what you do? You have to be prepared for that possibility as well.

Chris Martenson: How long do you think it can take for your company to turn a project into a grant? And then you’ll have to decide whether you want to apply for the grant or not? How long do you think it took to go from a proposal to grant?

Kevin Lee: Yeah, so I would say it’s pretty quick. I’d say that, if I were applying for this grant right now, I would probably be like, “I have no idea how long it will take.” The way I look at it is, I have really good ideas for ideas that my company thinks can be really impactful. But it took us about six months to figure them out. So this is kind of how to think about this part from the beginning is to think about what could I do and then start thinking about how big is that step to make sure that when you actually make that decision that I have made it within the scope of my ideas. Then I’d go, “I’m a little worried that maybe I’m not going to get good results.” Just kind of like, if you’re a little nervous or if you’re kind of unsure if you should apply or not, just kind of think about it for a little bit and then I think those things may sort of fall into your lap.

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