How does grant money work? – Federal Government Grants For Women Education

Grant grants are awarded through funding agencies for specific purpose. Depending on the purpose of the grant the agency can issue grants to different classes of people or in different sizes. To be able to obtain grant the applicant has to submit a detailed profile with the Agency detailing his/her occupation, profession (e.g. business person) and a written application in English to be included in the application.

The application for Grant is evaluated and approved by the Agency. The Agency evaluates all the profiles and grant candidates against a predetermined quota. The Agency will award the grant amount which is then dependent on total amount of grant applications received from the applicants.

How to apply?

Apply now

1. Please fill form with details of your employer and profession.

2. To apply please send the attached application in English, with cover page attached.

3. The application will be evaluated by the Agency and final approval of the Grant will be given within 2-5 working days.

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