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The money comes primarily from the federal government and other funding sources, with the Department of Justice helping provide the bulk of the financial support. This financial support is used for many things including law enforcement and research on the issue of child exploitation.

The Bureau of the Inspector General at the Justice Department released a report in October, 2016 that detailed how grants helped create a multi-million dollar business around child exploitation. The report said the federal government has provided more than $2.5 million in state and local funding through the Office of Victims of Crimes, $150,000 to the Office of Child Exploitation Assistance Programs (CEAP), and $5.6 million to the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

Who is in the room when this all breaks down?
Constitutional status will help: National Commission for ...

It varies, but the big picture is the FBI, the FBI field offices, the FBI field operations, the FBI’s field offices, the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) and the OVA’s office in each state.

What steps should state and local officials take if they want help?

If you’re aware of a victim they are a victim of abuse, then it’s vital you report them. It’s also imperative that their abuser be arrested and prosecuted and that child protective services be in place in their home, to make sure they have access to food, shelter and medical care.

In case they want to report back to law enforcement, then, when you have an established relationship with law enforcement, then you may be ready to go forward to the next step and start reporting them. You do need a law enforcement relationship for the FBI to have the power to make this happen.

Are there requirements when reporting child exploitation?

There are several different rules when it comes to reporting child exploitation. For one, no one should ever be labeled a “child sex offender.” No one should ever be labeled a sex offender. Anyone labeled as a child sex offender must go through a program designed to rehabilitate and release them as a rehabilitated person and not as a convicted criminal. As of early 2017, a person accused of child abuse has been deemed a “person for whom a protection order applies.” That’s not to say they have to wear a yellow ribbon or go through any other form of restriction. The label of “person for whom a protection order applies” does, however, allow law enforcement to seek access to a person’s address, cellphone number, phone records, and other details.


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