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The most basic way to receive funding is through the UO or UO-affiliated local funding bodies for your chosen research activity. The UO’s Institute for Health and the Public, established in 1905, provides $25,000 in grants for a total of $100,000 over a five-year period. It has its own award program and accepts multiple levels of funding from the UO. It provides the largest and most diverse pool of funding in the state and in the world. It can be found at:

What are Oregon public hospital trust funds, and how do they work?

Oregon Public Hospital Trust funds are managed and administered by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) until December 1, 2018. Funding is provided through the Oregon Public Hospital Trust Fund. These funds are used to cover the costs of medical care, for patients’ care, and the cost of patient’s and staff’s services. They are awarded to institutions based solely on the severity of service provided by the hospital. The OHA’s Hospital Resource Agreement (HRA) program provides a specific formula for these funds and is the primary source of funding for Oregon community hospital systems. The OHA is responsible for providing funding until December 1, 2018 for each community hospital and all health maintenance organization (HMO) health systems.

How will federal and state matching funds work with the UO?

The federal matching program is administered the same way as when you pay for Medicare; that is, individual states award up to 25-30 percent of the hospital’s or health maintenance organization’s budget to the hospital. The state match depends on the state’s hospitals’ and HMOs’ specific grant programs. Some states offer a more stringent match criteria, such as having a hospital with less than 3,000 beds. Federal requirements also apply for the Oregon Health Authority, which administers grants at the state level.

What if I have multiple hospitals, and one’s funding is inadequate?

This is particularly a case for those with smaller or more complex health systems that may not be able to access all resources of the hospitals to receive matching funds. If an institution’s overall funding level is inadequate, the hospital that the funding is dedicated to should have the authority to set the amount of allocation. The hospital’s administrators should first contact the funding authority to determine whether this is necessary. If necessary, an administrative attorney will also be contacted to help determine the best way to allocate resources

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