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How much time does it take to write an initial proposal? How long does it take to write a final application and how many rejections is it likely to happen? These are simple questions that should be answered by researchers at any rank. For the top scientists, they might need to write several thousand hours of their lives just to have a chance at getting a career at the high end of the


I have no idea how many hours it takes to write or prepare a grant, and I am sure that I don’t need to know. But I do imagine that some researchers, and even some faculty, spend a great deal of time not writing grants — and, if they are successful, writing hundreds or even thousands of grant proposals.

All the world’s children are waiting now for a hero.

— William Julius Wilson

On August 1, the Senate Armed Services Committee will introduce S.Res. 638, or the “Kill List Prevention Act” (H.R. 4). The measure would prevent the President from using executive branch authority to kill U.S. citizens who are subject to the International Conventions on Consular Relations.

On the surface, the bill will not create any real policy change since it does not require a specific action, simply a discussion of where the U.S. could go in terms of human rights legislation that would protect the rights of American citizens. Instead, it simply asks for the Office of Legal Counsel to investigate a list of individuals who are under investigation by the Department of State over alleged violations of international law, and who could be targets under the Executive Order.

Despite these limitations, the measure has gained significant support from Congress’s defense community, which is unlikely to change. The bill does not seek to impose any new legal requirements on the Executive Branch, but if enacted, it could create problems for those who have worked for years to prevent the President from acting by “kill lists,” and who have worked to develop the United States’ global human rights framework. The legislation itself includes language about “targeted killings,” which are defined as “a lethal attack that employs high-value members of the enemy forces; or a targeting campaign that employs means that appear to have the ability to achieve a specific military objective.”



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The DuckCreek Cabbage Dog was bred around the town of Duck Creek in the 1870’s by a man named Henry A. Duckworth. Henry A. Duckworth (a

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