Is Grant same as loan? – 7000 Government Grant

I don’t know if I have any knowledge on that. In my experience there was a long history of not giving loans that were then repaying back in an effective way. In my case the loan took 4 years to repay in effect, then went into a default (now there have been some other loans that have done so). I suppose it depends if you had no income during the time it took to repay, and if you were poor and had little or no ability to make payments. What’s the best way to approach this? Thanks.

Answer: You have to make your request if you are in a position where you have no income and can’t make payments, but you still need something. If you apply and are accepted, you are supposed to apply every six months for a loan which can be paid back every six months if interest is paid. That’s all I know.

Question: You are a US citizen, live in the UAE, were born in UAE and now have dual nationality. For the past 5 years I lived abroad, studied there, had a business in the UAE, had some family in UAE. If I had the opportunity to transfer to your country, could I do that? In what way? Thanks

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Answer: I am not sure. There are many different options. I don’t know if your situation is the same as mine. My situation is somewhat different since I spent a long time living in Australia, with multiple passports. I don’t know how flexible you are, but I think it depends heavily on how you come to your decision. The easiest way I could consider would be to ask if there is a way with your employer to transfer you to their country. In practice it might not be an option. If, however, you could find another way to get a job there, that might be an avenue for you.

Question: I’m working in a company, it is a UAE company, located in UAE. We are making lots of purchases and importing products, including laptops, TVs, gaming consoles etc. Now a new law come into effect regarding the import of devices using USB ports etc. This is a very big deal and we have started to have problems in our manufacturing operations. I was offered to buy the devices with the money I make there, but I want to see how I would be able to get it back in an effective way. I’m asking in what manner do you think would we be able to return the goods or do we have to return everything from my account

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