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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption President Obama signed the law after signing the bill into law

Gun-control legislation has passed the Democrats’ chamber of Congress, but the Republicans are now on the brink of rejecting the bill.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has sent out an email to Republican members of Congress saying members must support the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to avoid being branded by President Barack Obama as anti-gun.

House Republicans, who control the chamber, have vowed to oppose the bill as is.

In a sign of their concern, the Republican party has been slow to pass comprehensive gun-control measures.

The NRA said in a statement: “You must keep in mind that this law won’t prevent crime, it won’t stop crime. It’s going to allow more guns on our streets and more guns in people’s hands.”

‘No guns for terror’

The NRA’s email sent to members is not directed at those on the right-wing wing of the party, but rather those on the left. The NRA has worked hard to portray Republicans as anti-gun.

President Obama has opposed the NRA’s position when it clashed with his gun reforms – and he has said a new law would not stop violent criminals acquiring guns.

The National Rifle Association does not oppose any gun control laws but is campaigning against any proposals that impose requirements on gun purchasers or manufacturers.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Republican congressmen from the House of Representatives are expected to oppose the legislation

The NRA is attempting to persuade Republicans to support the measure by sending out an email featuring the president’s photograph with a sign that reads: “Do what’s right – vote NO on gun safety legislation!”

In a separate email, Republican congressman Trent Franks said: “This bill goes beyond what I want. The NICS checks will not prevent terrorists or criminals from

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