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Grant should not be allowed to stay on loan by Manchester City.

If City decide to loan Grant to another club, it’s likely that, at this point of time, City won’t be able to qualify for Champions League qualification, as their loan commitments end at the end of 2017.

As such, Manchester City would be looking to keep Grant until that time of his release, which will be in 2018, and it’s likely that they will be able to do so for under £10 million.

What could be the chances of having an international in 2018?

Manchester City will make a decision of whether or not to be eligible to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and if not then will be able to sign an international (from a variety of sources) to make up the shortfall, but it is unlikely that that decision will be made before the new year.

On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that as the new UEFA regulations come into force, any player who has a transfer clause of over £100,000 would be ineligible to play in any European Championship qualifying (unless a club with a suitable alternative was interested) and any player who had a transfer ban of any kind could be automatically banned from FIFA qualifying.

It is possible for United to sign a player who is eligible to play in a World Cup qualification, even if the player can’t move to Europe in 2018 (and may not even be eligible to play for England at that time) but it is not entirely likely.

Should they decide not to qualify for next year, then there also appears to be no guarantee that any player signed by Manchester City in 2018, despite him being a United player under the Premier League rules, will be fit enough to play in the World Cup.

Do you expect Manchester City to continue with Roberto Mancini in the managerial role, or would you prefer Frank de Boer as his successor?

It is difficult to see Manchester City continuing with Mancini. The Spaniard’s reign at the Etihad Stadium has largely gone unnoticed, with few fan bases, especially at the away end, fully understanding the philosophy and ethos of the Spaniard’s team and the challenges he faces.

Although there is little to recommend De Boer, his performance on Friday night was far better, although his team would have needed a result from their upcoming fixture with Stoke City, and also to prevent Southampton from winning the FA Cup.

Having De Boer at the helm of

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