Is there a grant for a new boiler? – Government Grants For Small Business Coronavirus Assistance For Self-Employed

(A) Yes. It seems the company was looking into a new boiler. (A) We are not able to say exactly at this point. But there have also been some discussions among some of our members.

Question: With what do you see that project going forward? (A) We have had the same boiler for a year already. We have talked about some potential improvements, however many changes have been made with the design. We don’t want to go into further detail now. We do believe this is a really good project. Our main goal is not to do a new boiler. All these things must be part of the overall plan, so we know there has to be a complete re-think of the design.

Question: It sounds like you’re looking into the possibility of going with a traditional boilers. We’ve seen that trend a lot, with people doing a lot of redesigning and upgrading existing boilers, or adding a new piece or two. (A) We are very familiar with many of these projects, but some of them look better than others. So far we are looking into the possibility of running our own boilers. We believe that new boilers will be cheaper per kW of output. That being said, we will work with the industry to learn more about different types of boilers. Ultimately, we will make sure we keep the best solution for the community.

Question: What do you anticipate having to do to implement a new boiler this year? (A) I personally don’t think this is as big a project right now as you may have heard. But at the same time, if we didn’t see the demand for a new boiler from our members, we’d not be able to continue to develop our technology. Some of these projects are still in their planning phase, but they are exciting, and are an exciting step forward for us. This may or may not end up with a new stove. With a new boiler we will be able to run faster, more reliably, and more cost efficient.

Question: What is your general plan for the boiler? (A) We have to look at where the industry is going for newer models, and then figure out what we will be able to do and improve on. Right now it is a good technology. We will continue to invest heavily into this.

Question: How many members will continue to use the system after the new boiler? (A) We are currently doing a pilot where we will start using steam from

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