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The New England Patriots have become a playoff contender. The Jacksonville Jaguars, on the other hand, got a pretty hard beating on Monday night in London.

The Patriots won their second straight AFC East title and clinched a home playoff date with the Texans next week. Both of those two teams are in the AFC playoff mix. Both also are likely to be playoff contenders.

With all of that, who gets the nod for the Most Valuable Player award?

Here’s a rundown of the five candidates.

NFC South Offensive Player of the Week

With the Patriots’ win, they became the first team to win 10 games each of the past two seasons. The Broncos have won a couple of AFC North titles and the Panthers are making a play at their first Super Bowl.

So for the record, I’m picking the Atlanta Falcons for the distinction. They beat a lot of the teams on this list, but did it in one of the most spectacular ways possible.

The Falcons went down as a 13-point underdog to the Cardinals, the Cardinals coming into Week 11 at 5-1. With a second chance to win the division, they made a bold move. They went to a team they haven’t won a single game against – the Patriots.

Not only did the Patriots come back from a 21-0 deficit with 4:50 to play in the fourth quarter, they did it from behind.

Atlanta scored twice, and on each, it was a Tom Brady throw.

That touchdown pass, of course, gave the Falcons a 21-16 lead. The team was up seven at halftime, and they were up 17 when Brady returned a pass that would have been intercepted by Dunta Robinson, to set up a Tom Brady touchdown in the final seconds of regulation.

There’s a lot of respect here.

Tom Brady deserves the MVP award. Julio Jones deserves a few games. Julian Edelman’s ankle isn’t 100 percent, which is fine. He’s still one of the best receivers in the league.

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