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Income support for the poorest people and those with the most at risk from poverty and hunger is in the current Parliament a matter of national priority. It contains key components of an inclusive poverty reduction agenda which is about tackling poverty in Britain and is about helping our poorest families to become at least as well off as their peers, whilst strengthening our social security safety net for everyone. In the short term we are committed to spending at least £3 billion on income protection and food banks. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is working with charities, local authorities and voluntary organisations in developing, implementing and testing the funding to target income protection and food banks and is introducing a new policy framework for the delivery of income protection across the UK.

How is the government looking at the level of money spent on income support and housing?

These are areas of focus in our work. We will be focusing on developing a common definition of the term ‘housing benefit’, which will allow us to compare the effectiveness of different policies. We will also be looking at new ways of delivering housing benefit to our most vulnerable people.

Why are there so many different groups receiving the same amount of cash?

There will be a number of changes to the way benefits and benefits payments are delivered in this Government so that more people can experience a sense of security in their lives. We will also need to look at what’s achievable so that we can reduce inequality and ensure that money is spent where necessary to help those most in need in the most unlikely of circumstances.

If I have not met the targets set out, won’t I still get to claim it?

There are no rules or regulations on which the government can target any kind of benefit. In fact, we have to consult with many different organisations before we set a target and that means that we are open for anyone’s views on how to make sure payments are as targeted and targeted as possible.

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