What are hardship funds? – Government Grants For Seniors Home Repairs In Canada

Hardship funds are a part of a government program funded by the government of a country. In return for a monthly contribution, each person in the country can receive money, in kind, as a grant, for a limited period. The fund will go to help a person in need of an emergency, such as:

Food, food items, clothing, and essential medicines that are not available

Refills on mobile phones or tablets

Cash to pay to register for a bus to the nearest government office

Lodging for a short period of time

The following are some examples of other types of hardship fund, or types of need:

People who are in a situation that is too difficult to cope with for others to help them, for instance if they are a member of a persecuted minority

People who are being prosecuted or imprisoned

Parents or guardians of a child or a person of caregiving age

People who have gone to court or been forced to testify by their government

A person whose spouse or partner has gone to court and won the case against their spouse or partner

A person who has been accused of a crime or is in prison

A person in a situation where they lack the financial capacity to pay for an emergency or medical treatment

How is an application for relief made?

Hardship funds can be made available at different times throughout the year, during the week, and over a specific period of time, such as over a specific date. Some people who qualify for the fund are able to choose their own times of use.

You need to fill in an application form with one of the following documents:

The person’s medical records,

Evidence that the person currently has at least two hundred dollars or equivalent in emergency funds or is not in need of assistance,

A copy of the person’s birth certificate,

Any insurance documents or statements from a government agency supporting his or her eligibility

A statement from an individual who is able to provide you with financial support at the current time. If you have additional information you need, but the person is already receiving assistance or your application does not apply to the individual, please do not complete the application.

Once your application has been approved, we will contact you to discuss the application, and provide you with details of your payment.

What is the application process?

We can send you a payment from your government account that is automatically deducted from your

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