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A hardship fund is a separate vehicle that is created when you have less than enough money in your bank or savings account to pay the bills of your household. Hardship funds are a type of loan. This means they can be repaid over time, without you having to repay the initial amount. This is why people use hardship funds. You can use hardship funds to help purchase or upgrade eligible housing for yourself or your family.

You should not use hardship funds to purchase a house for yourself or your family. You should be aware that buying a home for yourself or your family with your own money may not be a good idea if you have had to borrow from friends and other relatives in the same household. If you are making a loan request to get a house for yourself or your family, please make sure your lender understands this.

What options are there with Hardship funds?

You have many tools with your hardship funds. You can also apply for mortgage loan for yourself or your family. This means you can work with your lender to create a mortgage loan you are qualified for. These loans will help you buy or improve housing so you can have a long lasting, affordable home.

There are a number of different ways for you to apply for mortgage loan; for example you can apply online, call the bank, or use the government’s website. Once you have got the information correct, you can apply using these information based tools.

Please note:

These tools will only help you if lenders are happy with the information you have provided. Hardship funds are not guaranteed by the bank and as such these tools will apply to loans secured on more than 20 homes.
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You should make sure that your lender will accept these tools. Hardship funds are not guaranteed by the bank and as such these tools will apply to loans secured on more than 20 homes. These tools don’t take into account the fact that you may be required to make a loan repay on these homes as part of our mortgage application process. For example, if your lender requires you to repay the loan from a certain date it will have a big impact on your final loan amount. This is why the tool will be restricted to 20 homes.

Hardship funds will always be tailored to your needs and your circumstances. They will not help pay your rent or your car payments, while they allow you to afford a place to live and make the purchase of new homes. If you apply for a loan, your lender can

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