What are project grants? – Government Grants For Women In Agriculture

Project Grants are the key tools used to fund innovative and sustainable solutions to problems. Each year more than a billion dollars are contributed to the fund, through more than 250 grants in all types of problems such as energy efficiency projects, urban green space initiatives, and the water conservation projects of the European Water Alliance, which are all supported by public funds.

You may apply for a grant and make an informed decision by applying on our web-based application form. Applications are open from 18th November to 18th January.

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

The project need and the cost of the project;

The duration of the project;

A project’s potential to address the public interest in the locality (the ‘impact score’); and

The impact of the project on the local economy in the long term.

You can find more information about project grants here.

How are the project grant programmes awarded?

Public funds will typically be allocated for projects that address problems in the EU and that do not already exist; in other words, projects are funded to address problems that are not yet ready to be tackled.

Each year, a range of grant programmes are awarded for a set number of projects. These are subject to a competitive approach, as the funds provide an extra boost to projects that are already being worked and that have the potential to address a specific public interest.

What do public funds mean?

Public funds are not part of national budgets, they are distributed through private finance projects (PFPs). They aim to meet a specific and long-term need with public money for projects that have great potential to meet this need. The projects must have a strong proposal, and the funds are limited by the size of the proposals. The total amount of public funds available cannot exceed the total approved public expenditure (PAE).

Income or profit from the projects is shared equally among all parties involved. In the long term only the project owner and the beneficiaries receive the share of project profits. In other words, funds are only available as compensation for a work that has been awarded.

Each project award is based on a proposal submitted in October. Projects that can be judged by a public body or by a private foundation for the development of a project concept are eligible to apply by applying on our online web-based form. The application form is open from 18th November to 18th January. Applications are open for the next one to seven years.

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