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Grant in aid is the money that states can receive to help them deal with an ongoing problem or emergency that is not being dealt with by local government. Grant in aid is different than federal funding in that it is not money that local governments receive directly through the appropriations process, but rather through the funding process as a result of the federal government funding its activities. In addition, grant in aid may include state funds that have been approved to be used for certain projects. In the past, grants in aid have typically been in the form of cash grants of up to 20% of the budget. In the case of Hurricane Sandy, as a result of the federal government providing over $80 million in grant in aid, states are receiving grants to work with localities and agencies to implement relief operations.

How much does the federal government provide state governments with in grant in aid?

Since 2010 the federal government has been providing states with $73 billion in funding for state infrastructure programs. Of that amount, over $70 billion has been spent since Fiscal Year 2010.

What is the program that states are receiving as grant in aid?

The states are receiving grants to assist in funding specific projects that are not funded through other sources of state funds. Some grant in aid may be used for the purchase of goods or construction of infrastructure for state agencies. In fact many states have made state resources available for the purchase of goods and construction of infrastructure, which have helped alleviate the flood and other emergencies.

How many different types of grants have the federal government providing to assist with Hurricane Sandy?

The federal government has committed over $80 billion in grant in aid to aid communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. To date, states have received more than $70 billion in grant in aid, but it is expected that state agencies will receive up to $12 billion of the remaining funding for state projects this year. Additionally, state aid may pay for some federal projects or assistance to state agencies and other local agencies as well. It should be noted, however, that all states will be reimbursed for any federal funds provided directly to them.

Does a state receive any additional funding when they have a disaster in a certain state?

Each state has its own set of priorities when it comes to requesting funding. Some states may also receive additional funds through the administration of a federal emergency manager when a state is under emergency management. In addition, state governments may provide disaster relief grants to other federal agencies.

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