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The funding sources include grants that have to be approved by departments and agencies within the province to be carried out within their jurisdiction – from health to education to the environment. The funding is given as a single grant to non-profits across the province in all types of areas, not just public administration.

If I only have one grant, it will be from the government. It will be from the public service. We’ll give them a grant and it’ll be the way we see fit, then they’ll have the funding to carry out their mission as it’s envisaged in the documents.

Let’s say I have a project which has to do with child safety. The grant might be in the form of a grant to a school district. That would be given to two non-profits, a couple of schools, to carry out child safety projects that are in the public interest of the state, in the interest of youth and in the interest of the families in the district.

When you look at that, which one do you think is most likely to do it right or is most likely the wrong thing to do? Would you prefer to have that money going to someone else and someone else doing that right, or would you prefer that your grant go to someone else’s work? It certainly doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you have a grant, you can have two grants.

To really address this issue, we need to get to a point where each ministry is funded by a fund that’s based on its ability to do more, which is how the government functions, not in terms of how much money they can fund. How much money does the government get? What is the mechanism for each ministry to allocate its own resources?

Let’s look at what would happen if every single grant got capped. And then we have to ask what kind of work we’re going to be funding. Do we need to be spending more and more in terms of health, or education? How many grants are the government really spending on education? Do we need a new type of grant just to give health care providers new kinds of funding? You could just cap grants because that would make everyone feel better about the money the public sector is receiving.

How could a cap on funding, and the idea that you’re capped in terms of how much money you can get, be managed? What would it look like? What kind of framework would government have behind it? Can the government really do this thing well without a cap

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