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While grants are still the most convenient and most widely used method of funding in some areas, they come with a number of disadvantages. When you are in a situation where you are unable to obtain adequate funding for your research, you may be forced to seek other options such as the use of grant money. Even in situations where a grant can provide some funding, it is important to realize that the grant is not the final word. After the study is approved, a research ethics committee (which includes one of the authors of the review paper) will evaluate the results and determine if the study meets the standards of the protocol. If in doubt, an independent data analysis of the study data will be needed.

Can I have a grant funded by a colleague’s organization?

Yes. An independent data analysis of data for the original grant can be done by any qualified investigator who is a member of the same research organization.

How will the independent data analysis be funded?

Once the grant is approved by the investigator’s organization and the data has been analyzed, a second independent data analysis for the second set of data will be done. This second independent data analysis will follow the same procedures as the first analyses and will be supported by funds derived from the funding organization, however, because the first data set had been analyzed already and the second is needed for validation of the results of the original analysis, it is usually possible to do this work by someone else of the same or an opposing viewpoint from the project leader’s organization (see the description below).

What are the drawbacks of grants?

When you have a grant, you cannot always get everything you want. Your funding agencies may choose to pay for some research, but this does not mean that you and your research is completely free of risk as there are usually some risks involved with the research as well. Even in cases with a very small sample size, it is essential to understand the possibility of bias and to determine the amount of risk involved by using a randomized study.

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What if I’m not funded?

If you do not feel confident about the results of your study, then you can submit your results to another expert who will run a reanalysis using the same criteria used during the original study. However, because you would have to pay for this analysis in addition to the original grant, this should be done only if the original results seem to be acceptable. In most cases, this will require additional testing of your work by another expert. If you wish to do

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