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Do they call you an asshole? Do they call you a jackass? Do they ask if you have a question about what they’ve done with your grant?


They don’t see it as an attack.

“I see it as a compliment,” he continued, “because it reinforces the idea that I can do things of which no one has thought. People in the public sector are often criticized for being lazy. So I think of my colleagues more as people who will always know how to do their jobs and have a creative spark.”

A person who is constantly pushing ahead and moving ahead, constantly pushing and moving forward, is a person who is not lazy.


And by the same token, a person who is always moving ahead and pushing ahead, constantly pushing and moving forward, is a person who is not lazy. They are doing things and working and working, and they are constantly working on more and more things, because they have to.

The thing is, people do not get to their career dreams until they actually work. If you live every day like it’s your last—you don’t do anything on vacation, you don’t stop to rest during your lunchtime walks—you will never get there. The thing is that, you could literally live like this every second of every day—and then, you would never find yourself in work.


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What they see in you is not a bad personality.

“My goal as a teacher is to provide the most knowledge to the students I’m taught. It’s almost like there is this magical place in my mind,” said Smith to me. “It’s like when I saw my mother. I felt that the most important element in my life was knowing that she was my mom.”

“And that it was her who made me believe anything I needed to feel the love I needed to feel,” said the teacher. “She had the power of life and death over me every minute of every day—and it was all due to her.”


If you are a person who loves to live life in the moment, you see a person who is loving to live life in the moment—they don’t see someone who is living their life in the present moment, and they don’t see people who always have to say, “Okay. Who’s going to teach this class tomorrow?”

If you are the person who says “Hey, that’s cool, I’ll do

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