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Basically, these are funds given by the state to a university.

One such grant is provided to the School of Computing for its ‘Awards in Computational and Computer Science’ programme. This £22.4m budget would provide £22m a year to the university until 2026/27. The ‘Awards in Computational and Computer Science’ programme seeks to provide undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD researchers with professional development and other training related to the research undertaken on university projects. The amount of funding received by the schools was set at £22.4m in 2015/16. The next stage of the ‘Awards in Computational and Computer Science’ programme, at the end of 2018/19, will include a £11m increase in the amount of funding. A further £21.4m will be allocated next year for a programme for young researchers from the age of 20 to the end of their career, following the age of 40. More details about the ‘Awards in Computational and Computer Science’ programme can be found here.

Funding by local authorities

As well as the financial support of the Department for Education, the UK has local authorities that manage many schools. In 2015/16 the Department for Education was responsible for funding 20 local authorities (excluding London with their own ‘Awarding authority’), funding £32.4m to local authorities which include a further £1.8m to the District and Coastal Education Authority (DCEA) and £4.2m to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Local Authorities

The local authorities have a number of obligations towards local education. For instance some local authorities are responsible for the provision of local education education to children in their areas. They have specific responsibilities in relation to the provision of an integrated school system, local provision for children’s leisure activities and, in some cases, to the health and wellbeing of children.

Local Authorities grant funding to schools by way of funding in relation to the provision of children’s public schools or by way of funding in relation to the attainment of local students. Funding grants may, for example, go from one local authority to another. Some local authorities have more specific responsibilities relating to the provision of specific provision to the disadvantaged children, such as: funding schools with more than 80 pupils living at the local council in question.

funding schools where one of the parents is employed by a different local authority

funding high achieving schools.

The following local authorities

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