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A cost reimbursement grant is a grant that the Department grants to the recipient of a cost reimbursement program for the cost of a service, including the cost of an employee who assists the recipient in delivering the service, including training of employees, and the cost of any materials or other items that the recipient may require to deliver the service. It may be granted for the following purposes:

To reimburse the recipient for costs associated with providing and providing training to employees or for expenses related to meeting requirements of any requirement that the recipient must provide to employees.

To support cost reimbursement activities at the State and local levels to reduce costs within the Department.

Grantee responsibilities

The grantee must:

Give advance notice of the grant.

Establish a budget, including any adjustments to it.
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Give appropriate notice of its eligibility, at least 30 days before it is to commence operations, and every 90 days, of its proposed use of funds.

Include in its budget a statement of its estimated cost, and provide reasonable information to the Director on its estimate of cost.

Obtain an assurance from the Department of a cost reimbursement cost estimate, specifying what the Department estimates will be covered, and any estimated expense not covered by the Department.

If the recipient of a cost reimbursement grant agrees to pay an employee for training, the grantee is required to:

Provide written notice to the recipient’s employee of the proposed training.

If the grant recipient agrees to pay the employee for training, and agrees to reimburse the Department for the cost of the training, the grantee is required to:

Provide written notice to the Department of the proposed training to the recipient’s employee.

For assistance, contact the Director.

Departmental action required

All costs for the operation and maintenance of any facility or agency funded by a cost reimbursement grant are covered by the grantee; however, no costs are reimbursed for any service provided by that employee.

Approximate cost amount of grant

Annual cost of the cost of one trainee and one employee who assists trainees from an agency that had received a cost reimbursement grant for three or more trainees in the current fiscal year.

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