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Cost reimbursement grants are made available to qualifying agencies to assist agencies in administering the California Government Procurement Law (CGL).

How to apply?

To obtain a cost reimbursement grant application, please complete the Request for Cost Reimbursement Grant Application (CGL Application).

You can also contact the agencies using their California cost reimbursement grant number or request a copy of the agency’s application. The Agency will forward the completed request to you using the appropriate CGL Application.

Please allow 2 weeks to process a request and then provide required information to us. A copy of the request should be sent directly to: California Department of Finance

Rename and update Cost Reimbursement Grant Nondiscrimination in Procurement

Payment and Collection (PSC)

Mailbox 2712

Sacramento, CA


For more information or assistance call 1-800-562-6878 or email CGL@dof.ca.gov.

The U.S. government’s efforts to shut down Islamic extremist websites with the help of Microsoft’s search engine are costing the tech company millions a day, according to a whistleblower who claims Microsoft’s search engines are a key conduit to the terrorist organization and other terrorist propaganda.

The disclosure comes from the former chief technology officer of Dyn, one of the most used search engines used by the U.S. government and other organizations in the fight against Islamic extremism and cyberattacks.

The tech entrepreneur’s revelations appear on Wednesday in the journal Foreign Affairs, but only appear to focus on Microsoft’s efforts to shut down Al Quds News — the U.S. Department of Defense-funded newspaper which has aggressively attacked the Obama Administration’s war against ISIS from inside its gates — with a search engine that Microsoft uses to monitor websites linked to the group.

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It’s clear as far back as 2013 that Dyn, the tech giant used by the U.S. government which provides infrastructure to keep the country’s internet connected, was acting as a central hub of communication for ISIS propaganda to spread, according to the unnamed former employee.

The source claims that Dyn is so deeply involved with the government’s use of its search engine that it was able to bypass anti-censorship measures implemented by the government in 2013. A former Microsoft executive told Foreign Affairs that the company was at least partially responsible for circumventing the measures, though

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