What is a gradient grant? – Government Small Business Loans Grants

A gradient grant is an offer from the provincial government that will allow you to receive a financial contribution toward your first year of university education, with an additional contribution for a further year of study. The first year of your university degree will be considered your first year of study.

You will need to meet certain eligibility requirements and will also need to register your graduate study program through the university. The funding will be disbursed after your program is complete; a student will not receive a grant just from receiving a graduate degree.

How can I apply to receive grad grant?

If you are currently in high school or you already hold a high school diploma or a B.Sc diploma you can apply. You might also qualify if you have a high school diploma through the Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program , have an apprenticeship diploma or have a post-secondary certificate such as a diploma in Education, Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

If you have a high school diploma or an Ontario secondary school diploma, you can apply within the first 12 months from the date they are approved. When applying for graduate funding for the first time, you need to apply before the end of the summer school year (June or July). There will be a separate deadline for the second year of school depending on the program you intend to enter.

You must also provide a copy of your high school transcript, proof of your enrollment in university (e.g., grades, high school diploma, or equivalency certificate), and proof of your English and foreign language proficiency.

Is there a minimum number of years of study for grad grant?

No. You are free to apply for grad grant for up to four years. However, the minimum number is one year. You must complete your undergraduate degree within two years before applying for grad grant for the second year of your program at the university level.

How do I enroll in a graduate school?

To enrol in programs at the graduate level, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree, an equivalent degree or master’s level graduate degree. In general, graduate degrees are available at some universities in Ontario and overseas. Graduate programs are typically offered through one of four levels of academic programs: doctoral, post-doctoral, industrial and professional/vocational.

What courses do they have?

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Most graduate programs begin with courses that generally take one to three years to complete and are typically one academic year long. You can take undergraduate courses if you are enrolled at

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