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A gradient grant is a means by which universities may pay their own employees. Unlike some other grants, a gradient grant doesn’t only come from the University administration. A grad student may request a gradient grant to pay his/her tuition and other living expenses and/or to cover student work or community service.

A degree program may offer a grad in a given subject, but may not be a good fit for all grad students. The grad student may be a good fit for the degree program but it may not be practical for him/her. The grad student may be a good fit with the research program but it may not be practical for him/her. It may be ideal for the grad student to choose the programs of interest to him/her. For example, a graduate degree in the fields of engineering would be very practical for grad students who are interested in applying for postdoctoral positions and research positions. Other fields may be impractical, even for the person interested in them. But the grad student must do the work to achieve his/her degrees in a way that allows him or her to work as part of one academic institution’s research team.

The university, through the Graduate Student Financial Council (GSFC), shall administer and control grad student grant applications, and shall recommend the grad students who may receive assistance under the grant plan to the Chancellor.

In accordance with applicable regulations, when granting a gradient grant, the student will not be paying anything, other than administrative expenses. In addition, grad students will be eligible for financial support and student stipends. The administration’s determination of eligibility will conform to the financial aid guidelines that the University receives under Part 7 (Assistance for Undergraduate Students) of the Financial Aid Code.

In order to ensure that the degree program fits a full range of needs, some programs must have fewer than 10 grad students per year. However, a degree program is considered to have more than 10 grad students if it includes more than 20 degrees in the same subject area.
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Graduate students may also receive support under an individual grant for research projects and/or educational services.

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