What is a grant and how does it work? – Federal Government Grants Help Commission Report

A grant is an application for money to a government through a grant programme. The application forms are designed with the purpose of funding research. There are a range of grant types available, from a total grant, all grant types apply to some degrees of research, but all types of grant provide support for research undertaken in the UK. A grant allows people to make a contribution to a university that will benefit from the research. You can find more information about grants in The Grant and Grant Management (GNM) handbook.
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You can apply for a total grant if you are a UK resident who is eligible for state benefits based on the type of grant you are intending to apply for.

If you are a visitor to the UK who has not yet lived in the UK, you can apply for an income-related grant. Income-related grants are designed to support research that is at an appropriate level for your income. Please see our guide What is income-related funding for research in the UK. If you are outside the UK and are applying for a grant you should be aware that there are different rules in place for students from other European countries. Please refer to the Grants Portal to see the different rules.

What happens if I applied for a maximum grant, but was unsuccessful?

If the grant was for a research degree, and you are unsuccessful (or if you would like more information about the grants or to confirm your ability to qualify for more than one of the grants), you will need to use the Granting and Managing Applications Process (GMAP). It is an optional process, but some research institutions can accept people’s applications for their research research only and the GMAP cannot be used for more than one application.

The application form for the GMAP is available on the EU Grant site under the “Grant application and GMAP” link.

I have a British Citizen or Commonwealth citizen who is already a staff member. Can I still apply for a grant?

If you have a British national, permanent or asylum residence permit who is an EU (European Economic Area) national but is currently registered with the British Council and is interested in being employed as a Research Staff Member by a research funded university in the European Union (EU), you may also be able to apply for a research grant under the Immigration Rules.

The EU grants are subject to the rules of the Immigration Rules which include the requirement to meet certain eligibility criteria and the right to apply. You are responsible for meeting these requirements if you

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