What is a grant and how does it work? – Government Grants For Seniors Home Repairs Ontario 2019

Grant funding is a form of subsidy. It is a kind of loan to your local police which is usually given for a specified period for use. Grant funding is sometimes called ‘community safety cash’. It is made by the Government. However, this is a temporary measure, with a return date. It cannot be withdrawn and cannot be used for work. Your local police are required to ensure that any grant funded work is carried out in your local area, or in your place of work:

if the work is in relation to an offence

if it provides a direct benefit to somebody or is otherwise used in a way that does not lead to the risk of crime

(this is not to say that the work must provide direct benefit: an example of this might be if a member of a public body uses equipment that has been donated in the last 4 years by a member of the public body)

What should I do if I receive a grant?

The first and most important thing you can do if you believe you have been denied a grant is to contact the police for an explanation and an explanation of reasons. In both cases, the police will have taken into consideration the circumstances of the case. They cannot make a decision on its own or tell you how to proceed. You will need to do this through the police.

The police are required by law to be available to you if you are dissatisfied with your grant. If you have already made a complaint to a public body about this, please inform the police.

If you have lost your grant then:

you can try to get it refunded (this may only be a possibility when you have tried to use the grant correctly). The most likely outcome is that the police will refuse it: you will need to contact the grantee

you should contact the police if you believe that the grant has been used improperly or without your consent

if you believe that you have been the victim of a breach by a public body you may wish to contact the police.

If you have no more time then:

see our Guide to Public Money.

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