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A service grant is an administrative fee paid by the user(s) of a service such as the Internet or mobile phone network provider (e.g. a mobile phone or mobile phone number) and is collected by the service provider to support their development. Most of these grants were initiated as part of the deployment of services (e.g. new mobile phones), and are available only to users who were previously eligible to use the service (i.e. not part of an end-user service).

You can request that I receive a monthly service grant, either through a request form on the Customer Portal or through the My Account section of the Service Provider portal.

If I am receiving a service grant, what do I need to know?

To start receiving a service grant, complete a service grant request on the Customer Portal. Please also check the instructions on the request form that is provided with your registration (if applicable).

Who is eligible for a Service Grant?

Your user is anyone at the customer’s address who is eligible to receive the service grant. This might mean that certain users such as mobile phone resellers, who are not currently using a service, but want to purchase a service can be included, too, as long as their customer’s address is at least 20 kilometres from any wireless network in a wireless area or that they are at least 18 years old (note: no user in any household can receive the service grant).

If your user is a student (under 18 years old) or disabled person, you can request that they be excluded from all services.

If your user is a businessperson or other person who has been granted the authority but not the resources, they would be unable to use their authorized user account. It is generally recommended that a business or other such person should request an administrative access grant, which provides these users with the following services (from the list below):

to receive a set of telephone minutes, a set of data minutes, or a set of all services for the user (the user or the business person using the service); (also referred to as a “full access account” or “full access account provider”, or simply “access service grant”); to access the telephone number, internet connection, or other access technology used by the user’s authorized user account; and

for non-compliance with service or usage terms, to be removed from the service and/or to be fined.

Note: An administrative access grant is only

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