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A smart Grant is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on gift giving. This is one of our favorites because it brings a little bit of the DIY to the table. It’s super easy too. You just need to decide what you want to make and then you know where to start. And it’s so cute!

When you’re giving a Grant why not check how others have made their creations, make your own version or just grab some inspiration from our Pinterest Boards?

We’re so thankful to our awesome readers and we’d love to hear about your smart Grant creations in the comments below.

Are you new to Pinterest? What type of things have you wanted to make? What’s the one thing you’ve been making for a long time that you’re finally ready to put on display? Share you smart Grant thoughts in the comment section below.

By the time someone is done learning to do a few finger-stretching exercises, they may find a little discomfort in their shoulder blade. What they didn’t know until recently is that this discomfort could be a very real source of pain.

The problem is not what you can do with your shoulder blade, but how your body responds to stress or tension. You have probably used the following exercises during your time under tension.

The shoulder blade is the most common muscle group damaged in repetitive stress injury (RSI). So, to put it simply, when you have a muscle under tension it causes pain. When you have a muscle under tension, there is a reaction in the muscles: inflammation.

This inflammation is normal if the muscles are doing what they are supposed to do. But if they are reacting to stress, injury, or just an overall lack of physical activity, this can lead to severe shoulder pain that is hard to heal.

What Are the Symptoms of RSI?

While most athletes know what shoulder pain is like, they may not know how they feel differently in each and every exercise. So, that is why it is so important to understand how various stress events can result in the pain you are experiencing and how to avoid that type of injury in the first place.

Pain or stiffness in the shoulder blade:

Achilles tendinosis is a condition in which the large tendon along the anterior (inner) side of the forearm bones is weak and weakens quickly. It has been linked to many different chronic injuries including tendon, tendinitis and tear.

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