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The Government Green Grant Program helps low- and moderate-income people buy new affordable energy and new green technologies and supports home and community-wide renewable energy projects.

You can apply for a grant if you live in Australia.
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The Grant can increase to $1,500 over the first two years (based on the home’s area or age group).

There are two types of grants:

Growth/Lifecycle Grant: Grantable for up to 75% of the electricity used over a 5-year period from a renewable source

Growth/Lifecycle grant: Grantable for up to 40% of the energy used over a 5-year period from a non-renewable source – this can be a new energy generation resource, new building technologies, home renovation or green technology –

You may be eligible for up to three Growth/Lifecycle grants each year (depending on the year of application) in addition to funding for the Green Grant program.

To qualify for a Green Grant program grant you need to be:

a resident of Australia or a New Zealand overseas,

have a household income of $38,841 or less at the age 18,

have no income, no housing costs or no housing allowance, and

are 18 years of age or younger.

What are the other ways you can get on the Grant?

If you have already applied for a Green Grant by visiting your local energy provider you can still get on the Grant. When you apply for a Renewable Energy or Green Technologies Grant:

You may be assessed for the cost of the Green Grant for the 12 months before the grant is made. If so, you can request a separate cost assessment.

You may be required to make an extra payment to cover additional costs.

If you need to switch a system between energy suppliers or if your system is affected by faults, you may qualify for a replacement grant.

Contact your energy provider, and they will advise you whether the Grant is suitable for you.

If you are an investor and would like to invest in other projects which use renewable energy or a green technology, you will be able to apply online and your application will be reviewed by a community-based panel, consisting of an energy company manager, a registered energy provider representative and a community-based green technology facilitator.

It is a simple, streamlined way to get on the Green Grant.

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