What is the purpose of a grant? – Government Grants For Small Business Startup

The purpose of a grant is for the purpose intended.

Is it possible to apply for a grant of the same amount twice?

Yes, in order to avoid an application fee of $12.00.

Can a person apply for two grants in the same year?

Yes, if the person is over the age of 65. If a person is more than 65, they must be between 18 and 40 years of age.

Please note that if a person is between the ages of 18-40 you must send a letter (PDF) to the person’s address on file with the state’s Division of Unemployment Compensation requesting the grant. This form must be sent within six months after the person’s birthday. The letter must state the amount to be awarded to the applicant and a brief description of the applicant’s experience.

Can I receive a grant for the same project for which I was originally applying, if that project has already been completed and approved by the state?

No, you must notify the department for re-application of any previously submitted request.

Are grant recipients required to fill out the applications in advance of the submission deadline?


If a person is awarded an amount that is below the amount the state intends the amount to be, are the state regulations or rules in effect?

No, the regulations do not prohibit the awarding of an amount below the intended amount, as long as the grant recipient is over the age of 65, is a resident of the state for more than 30 days of any calendar year, and completes at least 75 percent of their work.

If I applied for a project that had not yet been approved, will I still receive my work?

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No, unless the project has already been awarded, then the person cannot receive their work.

Can I apply for a grant of $10,000 to $50,000?

Yes, if the grant is for a permanent residence project.

May a grant be applied for multiple times?

Yes, if the work is in two, three, or four installments.

What will happen if a project I was awarded is incomplete?

If the amount awarded to you is below the state’s estimated cost of the project, please submit a new grant application that is a copy of the actual project in question.

Are there income limits for state-funded projects?

In order to be recognized as a project beneficiary, an applicant

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