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It is to give a local community organization and volunteer to do something that is going to affect every person of that community and that means the impact of that particular project and the impact of all of your projects at the local level and all those projects you are doing for each community.

The fact that we are giving this out to communities is really key for us because we are giving out programs that address community problems. We really want to help the communities in our region and we don’t want to give up on it – to give it away because the organizations are not performing and it’s a big mistake to drop it because organizations that do not perform are going to be cut because they do not have the funds. If we give out grants to communities we need to make sure we are giving out grants that will make a difference to those communities and it must be a community-based system not just a commercial-driven development with a big profit.

Do you guys keep an eye on the community to see how they are progressing?

Absolutely. One of the other things that we are looking across Canada at is how people can get training or resources and information, especially if they are starting out doing projects and they do not have the finances, if they do not have a grant to begin with and if they don’t have access to people in the community.

We have an information line for youth who are interested in starting up projects. So if you are a youth organization, we would love to talk to you and if you are interested in becoming a youth development partner we would love to have you come talk to us. If you are a young business we would love to know who are your clients and how do they use the grant funds to get started. How do they connect with their communities and how do they connect with the people in the community? We would love to have that information and share that information with businesses so they can connect with the people in the community and see how their local community is doing and what can be done to make their community more vibrant and successful.

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