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The USA funding is specifically for the development of the software infrastructure. It is only for developers who apply for the USA funding, and the USA grants are not available to other individuals, such as contractors. This is specifically designed to help the software development community, in order to further improve the usability of the product which is being developed. For more information on the USA funding, please see


What are your technical goals for the USA grant?

The objective of the USA grant is to help develop the software infrastructure for developers who participate in TeamSpeak.org and thus contribute to creating a common platform for their communication. We are looking for a core team of developers who are willing to work collaboratively to build a product of our own creation, in conjunction with the broader TeamSpeak community. We will have a dedicated development team consisting completely of USA/EU/USA/GB team members, and will support and collaborate with the wider TeamSpeak community by providing tools and services of use to our communities.

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