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A non-US company, Takeda Pharma (Japan), was given $300 million to develop a new drug for HIV/AIDS that targets a portion of the HIV/AIDS protein sequence (the protein used for treatment of the disease).

This project will involve the development of a vaccine against a particular part of the virus, specifically the CCR5 subunit which is responsible for controlling HIV replication as well as causing AIDS. But according to this information, no funding has been provided from any European Union or the U.S., which is a serious violation of the spirit of the deal. This is very dangerous. The EU has been one of the biggest supporters of the G8 as well as the G20, as a non-elected body at least under current legislation.

Also note the fact that there has been no information made public regarding the existence of the HIV/AIDS drug, let alone that a drug was developed, let alone that it would be approved by the FDA.

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HIV/AIDS has been in remission for so long, and so successfully, that there has been virtually no awareness of that fact. A quick way to put the situation into perspective is to take an HIV/AIDS drug from the 1950s or older, and compare that to its current status. As you can see, the treatment is extremely beneficial.

The first vaccine was released in 1971, although it never caught on among doctors until well into the 1990s. I don’t know if any of this will change, but if you are a medical professional, please let me know what you think.

The most exciting things around a soccer game these days are the “dynamic” formations that have taken up so much of the last decade. After having a chance to observe the German national team perform both in the Confederations Cup and here in La Jolla, we decided we had to put in a search for this style of play.

The formation we’re looking for are simple two-attacking, high quality inter-play formations. They’re the ones you’re used to seeing from big European sides who are not shy to move the ball and make changes when needed, such as taking a different defensive line or making a change in formations in the closing stages, to create space for the other side. With two players in front, this formation has a very high chance of succeeding. That is why it’s worth exploring.

We chose the following formations, each with 1-1-2 (a 3-4-3

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