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The Department of Agriculture grants an annual grant of $30,000 to local or regional universities and colleges for the development of new or enhanced food production in underserved areas. Additionally the Office of the State Agriculture Commissioner offers an annual grant of $8,000 each year to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

For those interested in applying for the food and agriculture grant, the application form can be found online on the Agriculture Commissioner website.

Who can qualify?

To qualify for a grant, the following criteria must be met:

A bachelor’s degree is needed, along with at least 3 years of agricultural experience.

The recipient must be a member of a federally recognized rural, agricultural, food production, or rural economic development organization.

A qualified applicant can apply up to 10 years before graduating from college.

Application Process

To apply for the agricultural grant you must fill out the application form. At the end of the application period, a summary of the application must be submitted to the Nebraska Agriculture Commissioner.

You may also submit the application without the summary, even if it appears on another form or online.

You may submit the application without a summary by sending a letter requesting the application be submitted without a summary or by contacting the Agriculture Commissioner’s Office (402-444-7727) for an evaluation appointment. A list of evaluations can be found by accessing your Nebraska State Registration database or the State Administrative Registration System (SARS) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (402-444-7767).

How do I apply?

After reviewing the application, the Nebraska Agriculture Commissioner will review this information and make a decision on your application. If your application is deemed appropriate, you will receive an evaluation letter describing how the grant funds will be used. If you have any questions about your application, please contact the Nebraska Agriculture Commissioner’s office (402-444-7673).

The Nebraska Agriculture Commissioner’s office will schedule an evaluation appointment at the office location closest to your address that meets your application needs. Evaluations are conducted via telephone or by in-person evaluation when possible.

When do I get my evaluation letter?

Upon approval, your evaluation letter will include the results of your application. If you do not receive a report by the deadline for your application, please contact your Nebraska Agriculture Commissioner’s office:

Nova Southeastern University

Associate Vice President and Director of Grant Development

410 W. Lincoln Avenue

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