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Types of grants

In the UK the Department of Health operates a range of grant schemes to help people in the North to benefit from the economic and cultural benefits of the area. The Department operates four main schemes.

The Department of Health’s Grants Scheme

The Department of Health’s Grants Scheme (GHS) offers a variety of funding opportunities to support local projects. The GHS is one of the main funding mechanisms in the North. It offers grant schemes to support local arts, cultural and leisure facilities and activities in the North.

The four schemes are:

The North West (the North West grants) . Grants support a variety of projects including:

The Northern Enterprise Housing (NERHE) scheme. Grants support the construction, maintenance, refurbishment and regeneration of housing and commercial premises in the North West.

The Northern Regional Development Fund (NRDF) – funding helps maintain and rejuvenate local economic growth in the North West

The North West Regional Development Fund (NRRDF) – funding makes projects easier to achieve

Government Grants For Housing – Government Grants
North West Cultural Fund (NWCF) – subsidises grants that support projects in the South West.

In addition the Department also operates the £10 million North West Connecting Grant Scheme.

The North West Connecting Grant Scheme

The North West Connecting Grant Scheme offers grants of up to £5,000 for businesses located within the North West which are working with local communities to promote and attract new investment, and are helping to increase the quality of life for North West residents. The award scheme awards grants up to £10,000, which are available every two years unless there has been previous approval; grants are available from the first day of applications.

In addition to grants of up to £5,000, the North West Connecting Grant Scheme also provides opportunities for students from North West universities and colleges to apply for a loan repayment grant.

The Grant Opportunities (North West Connecting Grant) Scheme provides grants of up to £2,000 to local authorities to assist with a North West Connecting Grant application and a further grant of £500 a year to encourage a local business to consider investing in the North West.

The North West Connecting Grant scheme also provides loans to local businesses to help them to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Grant Opportunities scheme.

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